sanctuary musings

if there’s any place that i don’t feel judgement, it’s here.
the place i am in right now.
but even though i don’t feel judgement, i do feel that tension.
the tension among people.
and i can’t really do anything about it.
but i still love these people.

i don’t want to be judgemental.
I want God to change my heart, change my way of thinking.
I want to look on others with love, the love that God has for everyone.

i tend to get very restrospective.. is that the right word?
and as always i start thinking
there are things in the past that i miss.
but there are things now that i don’t want to go away..

and Melissa M. has forreal blogs!

Ugly Betty is a crackalackin show, forreals.
i love Henry!


One response to “sanctuary musings

  1. the very first thing you do is want it first. and since you got that, the next thing is to chase after the things that God cares about – chase after God’s heart, find out what God loves, and make those things the things you care about and the things you love. ask God to show you His heart. then go out, and find it – find out what Jesus is really about.

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