meat comprehension

there’s so much wisdom out there.
and then again, there’s lots of stupidity.
when i read, i can either read it and let the meat of it pass me by.
or i can stop, take a moment and really read it.
comprehend what i’m doing.
it’s the same thing with life.
and school,
and whenever i read the Bible.
and right now i’m distracted.
so i’ll get back to the meat later.

i don’t know if i’m ready to deal with similar situations again.
just when i thought it was great.
but my eyes were blinded from what was really there.
and people aren’t perfect, because i’m definatedly not.
but i just need to make God’s love the love i have for people.
it’s tough. and i’m admitting it.
but that’s one thing i’m seeking for sure.
to get more into what God wants.
His love, His will, His wisdom.
and He can reveal it to me.
if i just take that meat,
and really, really chew.


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