i didn’t eat ham this time, or stuffing, or mashed potatoes with gravy

another party done.

it was very laid back, less people. but nonetheless, kids were still running around, with no room for themselves to play in. goodness, i do love my cousins.so one big part of the craziness is done. my recital… hehehe.. so now i’ve got finals. but boy, am i tired.

i love how my mom’s uncle was always talking about his grandkids from the east. i could soo tell that he’s sooo proud of them. and i especially loved to prove that his family from the west is pretty good too. especially in karaoke!
yeah, i set the highest score to 95.

i love how when it comes to my family, i’ve learned to not judge. or at least judge less. and look out for them, just as much as they look out for me. and i love how there’s someone out there that shares my blood, and some people say we look alike.

i hope that my heart would stop pounding every time i have a recital. goodness gracious. but that was a fun experience.

so i just gotta work on talking to my mom. and straightening things out. because both of us can’t just go on for this long without acknowledging what’s going on. and how i feel and how she feels and how other people feel..

but it’s just not fair when you don’t see that certain someone as much.

overall (goodness, this sounds like an essay or something), today went well.

there was no new Ugly Betty or Gossip Girl this week. which made me a bit sad.

ahh the holidays.. i’m in it for the long haul!


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