Are you an Internet addict?

now more than ever.

Merry Christmas everybody!
peace and love,

-Alexa Ann


I just answered this Featured Question, you can answer it too!


okay, so i thought today would suckish
but it didn’t, which was good.

his family came over! soo impromptu, but it was good.
it wasn’t really that awkward at all.
they made me play piano.
but my mom finally got to meet Jerard’s parents and such.
so it’s all good.

and i got me a dyno shirt!

so i definatedly had a Merry Christmas.


3 responses to “Are you an Internet addict?

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for answering my feature question.. And Merry Christmas
    I am an internet addict too

  2. A Queen of Hearts banner?! That’s too cool.

  3. Anonymous

    woo dyno clothing.

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