parenting 101

so my cousins just left, after spending about a week with us.
it was a pretty fun experience, imean it wasn’t like i climbed the Alps or something,
but i learned a lot. imean i was pretty much responsible for a little person.
and kids under the age of 10 can be pretty crazy!
it was a pleasure taking care of him, i love that kid to death.
he’s at the age where i can actually have conversations with him.
if i’m not mistaken, i’m like 10 years older than him!
so it’s fun watching him grow up and mature, because he’s really smart.

ugh, what happended to the Disney Channel, honestly.
these shows are getting preposterous.
imean all they do is have girls kindasorta hooking up with guys.
don’t even make me start talking about Nickelodeon.

i’ve read in a magazine somewhere that kids these days are getting into things
at a younger age compared to their forefathers.
like they’re becoming tweens at like 7-9.

dengit, this was just supposed to be about family, haha.

I Am Legend was an, um, interesting movie.
watching it was, erm, fun.

life is good. things aren’t exactly the way i want it.
but i’m still blessed.
and i’m happy.
i’ve got my family and my friends.
and God’s love. which is all i really need.

man, 2007 is almost over.
2008, BRING IT ON!!

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