What is your opinion on teenage pregnancies?

man, i was soo talking about this with people…

well this question can go a few ways,
i could get pregnant, although i don’t want to and am not planning on it, true love waits.
but teens have hormones and things can happen, Jaime Lynn Spears.

but thinking about it with my friends, especially my girl friends, i realized it would be a very difficult thing.
imean i don’t have a job, i don’t think the daddy of the baby would have a job either.
my parents would pretty much kill me.
i still need to be going to school, and who’s gonna take care of the baby?
and if people found out i got pregnant, that wouldn’t be so good.
imean that’s just not me.

i don’t support abortion, i think every living thing deserves the life that God planned out for them.
but that doesn’t mean that people can go around having sex with whomever, whenever they please.

imean i know where i stand on things, but i don’t really know where other people stand on abstinence and stuff.

the main issue is simply the choice of when one decides to start having sex.

but it takes a lot to bring a life into the world, so those people have my respect and sympathy.
imean parenting is tough, i’m not a parent, but i notice myself making it kinda tough for my parents.

it’s funny how this subject has been floating around me these days.

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