ok so…

here’s what i’ve been thinking..

i was rummaging through old things
memorabilia and whatnot of the past
and i read something i wrote about wanting closure.

and then it make me think of all those times in my life i did want closure
but i didn’t get any
and that kinda made things tough.

but now i realize that you can’t exactly get the kinda closure
or at least, the kind that you want.

and also, i watched Juno.

SPOILER: and i guess she fell in love?

anywhoo, it made me think.
about love
and how people my age think of it
and adults, or older people.
and just how we don’t really have an idea of what it is.
or that our idea of love is different from someone else.
because there are people out there that take it seriously
and mean it when they tell someone those fateful three words.

and it could mean
i want to spend the rest of my life with you
and i accept you for who you are
regardless of everything, i still think you’re beautiful and fabulous
imperfections and all

or it could just mean
you fixed my car,
i love you!

idwernoo, okay maybe that wasn’t a very good example.
it’s just the idea of love and stuff, that’s all.

and the thing about falling in love
and then falling in love again.

it’s just all so crazy and complex.

i also tend to get cery retrospective.
dengit, that’s enough.

“your first car is like your first love.”
-Pastor Rey


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