there’s so much

crap going on everywhere.

it’s like all these conversations and voices are talking all over my head at the same time.and these are things that i’m not exactly in. i’m not in it, but it’s affecting me.

and i also feel that these are the times for changes. and i think these changes are gonna be for the better, even if they suck right now.

but honestly, i’m tired of it all. i just want it to stop. but i know it can’t go back to how it was before.

on another note, we talked about Free Will in religion class. that was a whole lot. i just had conflicting thoughts about religion class. my classmates tend to believe what my teacher says as the truth, well not exactly. we just all like what he has to say.. idwernoo.

but that 6th period religion class reflected the rest of my day. there was just a lot going on. and i just had to keep going.

dance? i heard nobody’s going. except me and my date.

i gotta do my nails.


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