everybody’s tired

i was asking people how they were doing, and i kid you not, almost all of them said “i’m tired.”

sometimes i think to myself

“man why do i have to think like this!?
why does my [teenage] mind have to put these thoughts in my head?”
and they’re not necessarily just bad thoughts.
“but why do i act like this when deeep down, i know better?
why am i pulling such an attitude when i know i should just be nicer?
why does this teenage mind have to think about sex.
because i don’t want to think about that stuff.
why am i being so bad?
why are people doing the bad stuff they’re doing?
why can’t i just stop?”

there’s like a miscommunicationally blurry line between what’s seems right and what is truthfully right.

sometimes i just don’t understand myself.


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