heeecka long time no blog

it’s late. i’m awake. i don’t think he is.
i waste my time on myspace. listening to pandora.
i kinda study.
i mess up a lot.
latedly i’ve gotten depressed during lunch before 5th period. seeing the happy paired up people. i get all insane.
i guess my mind’s gotten a bit numb. like i am thinking, but there’s someplace deeper that i haven’t gotten to latedly. all the things going on are getting to me, and i just want a big transformation.
at the same time, i there are things i should change, that i really don’t.
november and december are friggin busy.
i want to drive NOW.
i’m crazy and insane.
mostly, i am sure. but i’m a little unsure. and it makes me even more insane.
i should just steal the car. haha, stupid things we used to do.
idwernoo why i’m even on here. ahah. i’m such an emoo.
there are people on my list. for a legit reason, and i’m gonna egg their cars and houses.
someone please explain to me how SAT’s and ACT’s work.
i don’t really understand French, but i can speak it pretty well.
too much to think about. i need a break.


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