i realize

that being able to drive won’t solve all my problems.
and part of me right now feels like i’m being fake by saying that.
but the other half of me knows that it’s true.
my first half is saying “why the heck are you blogging? you have nothing important to say?”
bit i guess i’m kinda bored, and i’ll just do this right now.
gee, i sound bipolar or something, huh?
i can’t wait for the turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, AND pumpkin pie!
it’s gonna be weird once the busyness of parties dies down.’
the radio stations are playing the Christmas music now.
i don’t like to be bad. i even have a stupid reason for it too.
pretty lame.

i feel like ending it there is dramatically blogworthy.
but then it’s not necessary.
i think i avoid blogging because i don’t want to seem fake like what i was saying before.
or i just don’t feel like it.
whatevs though.


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