hello summer of ’09

hi. i don’t want to do the work i was told to do, so i’m going to blog for a bit. i’m also planning to take a bubble bath later, but that’s beside the point.

so my dad’s making me do his School of Ministry work for him, which i think is unfair because it’s his credits, not mine. it’s about Grace, which is an interesting topic. it’s so complex, yet so simple, and is such a big oxymoron. but grace is a good thing..

i am so friggin restless, i’ve resorted to cursing in my head and to myself when no one’s looking, or listening (like my hard-of-hearing grandmother). i feel bad for these words that come out of my head and mouth. i just want to get out of this house, and i want to drive, and i want car insurance so i can drive on my own. i even tried looking for used cars online, but i have no idea what to look for.

i also have honors french crap to do, but screw that.

i’m in a funk, you can say.

it was interesting, yesterday i was at a family party with my dad’s side of the family. see, the only way i’m related to them is because they’re the family of my grandma’s half sister, so it’s not even like completedly blood relatives and stuff. but they seem not as close as my mom’s side of the family. it wasn’t so bad though, because as the afternoon went on, we were more comfortable with them, and hey, they’re my cousins too. i’ll invite them to my cotillion, which i have to plan! UGH!

so SAT’s this saturday, CLC this weekend, i’m missing some of it for Pista Sa Nayon. ok, i won’t deny it. i have like a vision for what Saturday should work out as, but i bet it won’t go the way i want it to. i just want to see people, or someone in particular.

this blog makes no sense, putting words together into understandable statements seems to be a challenge for me.


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