today was a blogworthy day

ok so what i’ve learned this time…

hidden rage, worry, anger, annoyance, and frustration will seep out eventually.
i need to calm down with life’s technicalities.
(i’ve said this to myself and heard it so many times.)
i gotta not freak out and not let it get to me too much.
“anak, yooh hab to CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS!!”
ALWAYS make sure there’s gas. in the tank or in the car.
there’s always the bigger picture in a crisis.
hugs are nice. don’t let one pass you by.
(like i did )
it is really hard to get over an emotion when you’re right in the middle of feeling it.
i need to get my mind out of the gutter.
there’s a towing system that patrols the highway.
i think that today has really taught me to just be responsible and get over things and move on and not freak out too much. today was quite an adventure.
i’ve also learned that city councils are a nice demonstration of government at work. 
when a lot of people talk about the same thing, it gets old.
coloring is for all ages.
smile, it’ll brighten up your mood.

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