it’s not me, it’s you

holy effin crap.
i wish you just knew how insane you make me. how can i tell you that you neglect me without sounding all naggy and annoying? happy birthday to you. i hope you realize how supportive i am of you and how much time and energy i put into our friendship. it’s really tough, cuz i am aware of our technicalities. i let myself trip over all this. but i have to admit it, if you have so much time to go out and be with other people, then you are perfectly capable of devoting some of your time to me. because honestly, i am tire too! i try to be patient, and most of the time, i am. i know you try, but not as much as me. is it just cuz i’m such an overachiever and i like to go above and beyond the call of duty? you mess with my head, and yet i love you. i hope you have a happy birthday wherever you are, and i hope that you’ll realize soon that you need me.
Thank God for Lily Allen. her music is gonna get me through this. Cuz forreals, i do my best to put this emotion aside and ignore it, but that’s why i freak out, because nobody’s taking care of me. and i realize that ultimately i take care of myself, but i’d like someone to take care of me once in a while. you’re being replaced as a muffkin dance partner, and i don’t want it to be this way. i hate you and i love you, you know that? you didn’t even call me to tell me you wouldn’t go to practice. and now i’m overanalyzing that shiznit. oh my gosh, Lily Allen=soundtrack to my life! but honestly honey, you need to shape up. cuz i am sick and tired of your shiznit. i know you’re trying, and i am fairly patient. but then again, why the heck am i freaking out? we don’t even go out anyways.
this can all go die. X_X


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