it’s 2010… time for a blog.

it’s 2010.. where should i begin?

the fact that it’s the year i graduate from high school? turn 18? plan a huge party to celebrate this occasion? plan a retreat? plan a benefit concert? plan club events? it’s a fresh new year..

but, maybe because i could be a tad big superstitious, i probably didn’t start it off so well.
stupid me and my stupid phone calls.
i should just let it go. and i have, for now, movies are a great distraction. but i’m a little unsure of where things are going, and it just really needs to be talked through, but the opportunity to do so hasn’t come up yet. and then there’s the complicated layer of technicalities.. blah blah blah.

well, other than that, 2009 was pretty good. imean, i got through it.
but now is the time that life continues, back to school, back to the daily grind, yannowhatimsayin. i can definitely say i’ve learned a lot. and i’ve learned a lot about people, and i’ve gotten closer to people. if anything, the latter half of 2009 opened my mind up to philosophy, and just really thinking about what i think, and why i think it.

i like how it’s like 4:17 am and my family’s all downstairs cuz they fell asleep while we were watching a movie. ohh Disney.. what has become of you!?

anywhoos. i’m just gonna wait this all out and go with my old mantra: “someday, he will realize how good i’ve been to him, and when he needs me, i’ll be right there for him.”

insane, i know.


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