“you’re my best friend.. but you can be my boyfriend”

HONESTLY. screw you K-pop.

tha heck am i doing here!? was it not enough that i told like 5 people the same exact thing? that i wrote about it in my journal? and i re-lived it by looking at the Facebook pictures!? honestly. am i this insane!? i’m so emotionally vulnerable right now, is that it!? is it cuz i realize i basically have nothing and that things are completely confusing and overwhelming cuz it’s all shoved at my face!? why do i feel this way about you!? why do i feel this way about you too? imean, you like someone else.. and you don’t even know how you feel. you have your own plans.. and you don’t seem to want to fit me in anywhere. i need a break from you both. TAKE ME AWAY PLEASE. i wish i could just get completely engrossed in my homework and then everything would go away. but newsflash: it doesn’t seem to be going away.
so i’d just like to apologize for all the shizz i’ve caused. cuz it’s crappy. and it has caused physical and mental and social harm. NOT. COOL.

i should just go to bed.

life isn’t a friggin movie…


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