cuz my tumblr gets too much action

how do i feel right now?

i have 20/20 vision with my new contacts, i’m finished with high school, the stage at church is CLEAN. i got to hang out with my friends today.

overall, life’s good, and i’m not letting the little shizz get to me.

then again, maybe i am.

sometimes i don’t understand people. i don’t understand why they’re off doing their own thing, and when they show up, it’s like they don’t really care. then again, i’m doing my own thing too, and sometimes i show up and not care either. i guess i just feel like there’s something not right about how things are right now with people.

on another note, i’m just going to keep saying that these feelings are a side effect of my circumstance and that i don’t like you. i’ll keep saying it until it fully solidifies as the truth.

more! i felt like we should end. then i felt like let’s stay together. i don’t even know… do i want to be free for the future? or do i wanna keep going with this confusing shizz.

i have definitely found people that i’m gonna keep in touch with, and i’m glad that it’s a big group of people too.

perhaps something needs to happen, or i hear a song, and it’ll make me cry. i need to cry about all of this.

i’m just excited to do more bonding though, forreals.

it’s a little scary right now, but it’s gonna be interesting.


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