it’s been a week since you looked at me

well, not really..
imean, i saw you yesterday.

so it has been a week since i’ve become a singly lady. it’s wierd, but then again i’ve been used to it for a while.
“i wouldn’t call what you had for the past 4 months a relationship.” forreals though.
i guess i just thought that there some things you did that were only between you and me, but i guess i was wrong.
at least i’m staying productive.
so this is my summer if anyone wants to ask. but since nobody uses xanga anymore, i guess it doesn’t matter.
since last week and for the next three weeks, i am working at my church’s summer outreach. it’s sorta like a vacation bible school, except it’s for 4 weeks instead of just 1. i supervise kids and lead them in games and activities. i get $50 a week, or more, depending on my effort i suppose.
the week right after that, i am going to central california with my youth group to volunteer with gleanings for the hungry. i get to prepare fruit that wasn’t good enough to sell in the grocery store but still edible. it gets dried and sent out to other countries.
then the week after that, i am going to my college orientation and a youth event in redding called JesusCulture.
so my summer is pretty much booked. but it’s nice making money, teaching piano.
i have my own bank account too so i’m like independent or something.
i just keep on keeping on, i suppose.


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