so i took a peek at her fb.. gah.. then it led me to taking a peek at your fb. and honestly, a teeny tiny piece inside of me wanted to cry. but then i realized, HELL NAW I WILL NOT CRY. cuz i like that little by little i’m trippin over you less and less.. and i realize that by blogging about this right now i may be feedin my trippiness.. but i gotta just let it out somewhere anyways.
cuz i know that God didn’t want me to get comfortable with my life which is why things changed between me and you. and i think i’m starting to do much better now. sure i’m not perfect, and sure i be trippin. but i know that God’s working in me, and i’m holding on to the fact that God is stretching me far beyond the capacity i seem to think i have, cuz i can get through this. cuz God gives me strength!
so as much as i might want to keep going with this, i think that is all.


2 responses to “HELL NAW I WILL NOT CRY

  1. Amen sister 🙂 I think I know exactly how you feel. There was this guy at my church that I liked and we were super close but we started drifted& then he basically replaced me with this girl (but I have no beef with her, I love her very much) and it was really difficult for me seeing them and stuff but God can get you through it just as He did for me 🙂 it definitely does get to you at times but know that in the end it makes you a stronger person and there’s a reason for everything although we don’t know it yet.Feel better

  2. @honesttoblog – thanks! it’s nice to know someone can relate! : )

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