college life is good. i’m getting along with my roommate, she’s almost always with her best friend, but i don’t really mind. i really should be sleeping, even though i don’t have a morning class tomorrow. i’m getting my homework done, although doing huge papers scare me. i’m getting used to being on my own, doing things myself. i’m still soo awkward, but i’m okay. i really want to meet people, possibly, my next significant other. but i know that i just gotta make friends here. i do miss home, i miss having my own room, but i go home on the weekends, so it isn’t that bad. it’s just crazy that it’s really happening.
i don’t wanna go back to trippin, so i won’t.
i should just go to sleep!


2 responses to “college

  1. life is good.when i go to work now i realize it. working is so boring and tired

  2. nice to hear college life is good for you so far :)hope awkwardness passes by soon& that you meet and make a lot of new good friends.take care

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