What Do These Objects Have in Common?

No, I am not going to make a door out of floppy discs, a bookend out of bread, or share a new recipe for a potato chip sandwich… (But if anyone finds a way to make any of those happen, I’d love to see pictures of that!) But these random objects are actually the source of useful life hacks!

Guess which object is a stylus, tupperware organizer, bottle opener, pencil case, and saves a broken flip-flop!

Today’s life hacks come from people I know, just to show you that life hacks are already a part of people’s lives, and we might not even realize it. You’ll never know when someone can remember a good idea and put it to use! My friends picked up these ideas from other people and have allowed me to share them with you!
Stylus… Answer: A Potato Chip Bag!

  • This idea comes from my friend Mat, who got this idea from a friend. Lots of people have touch-screen smart phones, I know I do. Who knew that the plastic/foil material a potato chip bag could work as well as your finger? Here’s how Mat explained it: “The [smart phone] will react to the electricity in metal in the chip bag piece much like it does the the electricity in your finger.”

  • Use scissors to cut out a piece of clean plastic/foil from a potato chip bag and tape it to a pen/pencil. According to Mat, it really works! He even made this to prove it!

Tupperware Organizer… Answer: A Bookend!

  • My roommate Melanie came up with this idea. We have a pretty disorganized tupperware shelf in our apartment’s kitchen. It gets hard to sort out all the tupperware and their respective lids. Many times, I have fallen victim to an avalanche of falling tupperware lids. But last week Melanie came up with this solution: using a bookend to hold tupperware lids.

Bottle Opener… Answer: A Door!

Pencil Case… Answer: Floppy Discs!

  • This life hack is more of a fun arts & crafts idea, but I still felt like the Floppy Box, or “Flobo” was a good idea to share. When my friend JRoss decided to spend $2 on 20 floppy discs he found at a garage sale, he knew his money would not be put to waste. Using a screwdriver to add extra holes to the floppy discs, JRoss used zip ties to connect the floppy discs together. JRoss’ biggest tip is this: “Start with the holes at the bottom of the vertical floppy disks and attach each one to the base. It is still kinda tight to get all the zip ties attached, but it is not impossible.” To read JRoss’ full account of how he made the Flobo, click here!

Save a Broken Flip Flop… Answer: a Bread Clip!

  • I saw this tip online. Unfortunately (or luckily) for me, one of my flip flops broke just a few days after seeing the idea. The part of the flip flops that goes between the toes came out, so I remembered this tip and tried it out.  I used a bread clip, which is usually used to hold together a plastic bag for bread, to keep the part of my flip flop in place. This works well because the bread clip is flat, so the flip flop is still comfortable to walk on.

The bread clip trick is actually one of the first life hacks that I found out about and decided to try. It’s an interesting life hack, and I love sharing it with people. I love that life hacks can bring out conversations between people. They are ideas that are good to share, because who doesn’t want to share something that others can benefit from? Sharing ideas with friends definitely connects people and brings them together. Don’t be afraid to share ideas with someone. Who knows, you might learn a few life tips from others as well. Share what you learn with others, and let others teach you.


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