Road Trip Weekend

This weekend I was able to get away for a few days at a women’s retreat, spending time with my mom and other lovely ladies. There were women of all ages, and I especially got to bond with a group of younger girls. I drove a full van all the way to Chico, California. Even though I had a lot to do, the retreat was definitely refreshing to have a break from the daily grind of school and life, which was something that I really needed. If there’s anything that I’ve learned, it’s that taking time to rest is a great stress reliever!

I know it’s been a while,  but I just want you to know that I have not forgotten about  life hacks, which leads me to my next point: A big way to relieve stress is by saving time! This goes for the big things like managing your personal lifestyle, or little things, like making the road trip experience a little less hassle-free. Lucky for you, today I’m going to be talking about both!

A road trip cannot commence without having a full tank of gas, which doesn’t come cheap these days. While I can’t take away the stress that gas prices put on your wallet, I did find a way to make pumping gas a little easier. Hopefully this can give you time to take a deep breath, especially after looking at how many (or how few) gallons you were able to put in your tank!

When I went to the gas station and started pumping gas, I remembered a photo I saw online of someone who did this. I had an opportunity to test out a life hack, so i tried it. I used the gas tank cover and used it to keep the handle that releases gas “trigger” from the pump in place. Lucky for me, I was able to snap a picture! This is definitely one of those ideas that make me say to myself, “Why didn’t I think of this before!?”

I know that most of the newer gas station pumps have a built-in clasp that holds the gas pump “trigger” in place, but I know that some older gas stations don’t have that “trigger,” so this trick came in handy for me at the gas station I went to. Who knows, maybe those old-school gas stations have cheaper gas too. It definitely doesn’t hurt to save a few dollars, and what better use for those dollar than for buying snacks?

I think there are 2 essential elements to a road trip: a good driving soundtrack, and road trip snacks to munch on! I like to listen to upbeat songs whenever I drive, and I have to admit, that I’m a sucker for the cliche songs that are popular on the radio. Driving can be energy-draining, and I find that belting out a pop song with the radio does a good job of waking me up. But I also know that having something to munch on is another helpful way to stay awake. Now, a word of caution: one must be careful when eating while driving. It’s important to be familiar with how much you can multitask. I know that this next life hack can make eating while driving easier.

The snack of choice during this road chip was potato chips. My favorite potato chip flavors are Honey Barbecue and Sour Cream & Onion. We made a pit stop at Wal-Mart, and my mom decided to buy 3 family-sized bags of potato chips. After proceeding with our road trip, passing around the bag of chips, I remembered another idea I saw online. I told my mom to fold in the bottom of the potato chip bag, so that the bottom of the bag pushes up the chips.

Folding the bottom of the bag inside made the chips in the bag rise to the top. Instead of digging your arm into an oily potato chip bag, the potato chips were easy to grab out of the bag. This was especially helpful for me as I drove, and what’s even better is that the potato chip bag was able to stay on a flat surface. The potato chip bag becomes an instant bowl! Here’s a link to a set of more detailed instructions on how to fold the potato chip bag, and here’s another link to a different way that a potato chip bag becomes a life hack!

A big thing I’ve learned this weekend is that a good way to save time and avoid stress is by taking time to pause. This may sound counter-productive, but in the long run, I think that it’s true. Taking time to pause helps clear the mind so that when you can have better focus whenever you resume what you’re doing. Taking time to pause can also look like planning so that you can be better prepared with whatever task you have in front of you. Having a plan set out definitely saves a lot of time. I hope that you can find rest in the midst of life’s busyness, that you’ll be able to relieve your own stress!


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