Beauty Hacks

I think it’s time to sift through all the makeup and beauty tips and get to practical advice that will really be useful to women.

Ladies, let’s face it. There are so many beauty tips out there! I definitely had a phase when I was into all things beauty. I found anything and everything on Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest… the list went on! Whether it was hair, makeup, or nails, I watched dozens of how-to videos on YouTube.  I know that things like learning how curl hair or how to properly apply makeup are basic essentials for any girl out there. But I know that we ladies also need things that will save us time and money. Can I get an AMEN?!

Now I’m not discounting how useful the internet is when it comes to how-to advice on beauty. In fact, I’ll even share a list of my favorite beauty and fashion YouTubers and bloggers so you can get your own ideas! Click here for a link to my favorite vloggers and bloggers!

I found interesting beauty tips on and decided to try some of them out just for you! Click here and here to read Reddit’s “Beauty Hacks” threads. There are also tips that I have already been using in my everyday life. Today I will put a few beauty tips to the test and show you how to remove oil from your face, get smooth legs, get curly eyelashes, and how a business card can be your secret weapon!

Remove oil from your face: Use napkins or toilet seat covers as oil blotting sheets.

  • My face gets really oily. Although Clean & Clear makes a good oil absorbing sheet (I cut the sheets in half so I can maximize them!), I know that drugstore products aren’t always available for everybody, especially when you’re in a rush. Napkins and toilet seat covers actually work well for absorbing oil on the face, just make sure that the sheet is clean. I have honestly tried this out, and I can tell you that it works. Personally, I think that toilet seat covers work better than napkins, but that’s my opinion. Napkins and toilet seat covers work well at absorbing oil on the face, and also do a good job of not messing up make-up.

Get smooth legs: Conditioner vs. lotion as a shaving cream substitute

  • This was a tip I read in the Reddit threads. There were suggestions that both lotion or conditioner can be used as shaving cream. As for myself, I usually just use a regular bar of soap when I shave my legs, but I decided to try this one out. While I took a shower, I shaved one of my legs with lotion, and the other with conditioner. I lotion I used was Suave Aloe with Cucumber Body Lotion. I shaved my legs the way I regularly do, making sure my entire leg was evenly coated with a thin layer of lotion. I shave in an upwards motion, going against the grain of the hairs, using my Noxema Super Smooth Triple Blade Disposable Razor. I proceeded to do the same thing to my other leg, but this time using Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Fortifying Conditioner. After rinsing off my legs and drying them off with a towel, I compared the results. Both of my legs were smooth, but it seemed to me as if the leg that I shaved with lotion felt smoother. I asked two of my other roommates, and they said the same thing. So my final verdict is that lotion made my legs feel smoother, even though conditioner works just as well.

Get curly eyelashes: Heat an eyelash curler with a blow dryer vs. warm water

  • I definitely put these Reddit tips to the test, and this one was no exception. The idea is to heat up an eyelash curler with either hot water or a blow dryer Using heat is supposed to keep the eyelashes curlier, longer. I used the Revlon Cushion-Grip Lash Curler, and here were my results:

  • I burned my eyelid a little when I used the Salon Series 1875 Midsize Turbo Dryer to heat up my eye curler. I realized that I shouldn’t have put the blow dryer on high heat, and that I should’ve held the eyelash curler at least 7 inches away from the blow dryer. The eyelash curler got a bit too hot, so I had to wait a while for the curler to cool down so I could still use it.

  • It took a while for the water to heat up in my bathroom sink, but I learned from the blow dryer and didn’t burn myself the second time around. I made sure that my eyelash curler didn’t get too hot. I ran my eyelash curler under the hot water, dried it off with a towel, and proceeded to curl my eyelashes. The only setback is that I ended up wasting water waiting for it to warm up.
  • Final verdict: My eyelashes aren’t very long, but I was pleased with the results. Compared to waiting for water to warm up, using a blow dryer is definitely a lot quicker. When it comes to my own makeup routine, I just curl my eyelashes without heat. I would probably use either method if I ever had to heat my eyelash curler, but I would probably have easier access to using a blow dryer instead of warm water. Ultimately, both methods got similar results, but the blow dryer method is more accessible.

The business card: secret weapon

  • This trick is definitely a testament to how faithful I am to my YouTube gurus. I got the original business card mascara applicator tip from Michelle Phan a few years ago, click here to watch the original video. The original tip was to cut an outline of one’s eyelids out of the business card so that mascara can be applied without it getting on the eyelids.   But recently, Michelle Phan posted the video above, which includes even more ways to incorporate a business card into one’s beauty routine. This time, cutting up the business card wasn’t required. A business card doesn’t necessarily have to be used either, a folded piece of paper or some card-stock should do the trick too!

So there you have it. Next time you’re sitting on a public toilet think twice about that toilet seat cover, it does more than just protect your butt! If you want to have super smooth legs, don’t hesitate to pick up that bottle of lotion to moisturize your legs and give them a close shave. Heat makes eyelashes extra curly, whether you use a blow dryer or water. It’s amazing how an unlikely object like a business card can actually be handy for so many beauty tricks!

My last piece of advice is for anyone, guy or girl, beauty expert or not. What’s most important is being comfortable and confident in your own skin. That’s definitely what makes someone beautiful. Next time you’re feeling discouraged, here’s 4 things to help boost your confidence: put your shoulders back, put your chin up, stick your chest out, and put a big smile on your face! Remember that beauty comes from within!

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