why does my spirit get flustered?

i am not shaken, i am not moved.

my spirit is STRONG.
God, this doesn’t have to phase me. 
it’s nothing.
God, You are guarding my heart, Lord.
God, You love me MORE. You love me the MOST.
it’s just Facebook. it doesn’t matter.
You’ve created me to be STRONGER.
God, i proclaim Your name.
i give You praise for giving me the victory!
You alone and worthy.
You alone deserve all of my love and adoration.
I’m gonna give this one back to You God.
You make me STRONG.
You make me RESISTANT.
this doesn’t have to shake me.
this doesn’t have to get me down.
You know me.
You created ME.
You LOVE me.
I praise YOU.

6 responses to “why does my spirit get flustered?

  1. how did I know you were gonna post something on xanga? haha… I miss this site. It’s too bad blogging communities sort of fizzled out.

  2. @DeB0N8iR – it’s not that they fizzled out, they just moved elsewhere… sheesh, you stalking me or something? i found a blog post that you commented on a few years back, and surprisingly enough, it still applies to me today! hahah.

  3. haha… you mentioned in the PLOG something about xanga so I thought “lol alexa’s probably going to visit her xanga”. Cuz that made me visit mine. And then I read the subscriptions. I actually read old blogs every so often, like every few months or something. Memories and stuff. I find it interesting how my outlook changes in retrospect.Did they move somewhere else? If they did, it’s not the same anymore. Blogs turned into one liners for fb or twitter. And for those that actually blog, most of it’s not really part of a community among friends, it’s for general topics and stuff like that. 

  4. @DeB0N8iR – i like to look at my old blogs and see where i was at this time of the year at that year, like i looked at posts from the month of October from previous years…But i think people have tried to use other blog platforms for more personal use, like Tumblr… WordPress.. Blogger… but you’re right, it had changed though.

  5. hmm maybe I’ll check one of those blog places out. I used to have a livejournal, maybe I should go back to that and see if anyone still uses that. 

  6. @DeB0N8iR – it’s crazy. cuz for me, i’ve accumulated a lot of journal/diary entries both handwritten and online. i’ve blogged on so many places…but the post that struck me recently that was from year back was this one:http://imalexa.xanga.com/714861709/shades-of-grey/

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