Bean Bags out of Rice and Socks

A club I’m part of had to make a game for a Halloween party. We decided to do a bean bag toss. I was put in charge of making the bean bags, and I decided that I would make them myself. Being the great college student that I am, I waited until the very last minute to take care of this task. As I went to the grocery store to think of what to use to make bean bags, the first thing I saw was a bag of rice. At first I was going to use beans, but I figured that rice was more practical for me, because I could reuse it for cooking. Then I saw some long socks. It was then that I knew what I would make my bean bags out of: rice and socks! I proceeded to make the socks, but it was my roommate’s suggestion that really helped me to make awesome bean bags.

The game that my club made was a tic-tac-toe bean bag toss. The night before the event, I sat at the dining table and got my supplies ready. My roommate saw what I was doing, and I told her that I had to make bean bags. Initially, I was just going to put rice in the socks and tie them. But my roommate had an even better suggestion that I hadn’t even thought of!

1. You will need: a long sock and rice.

2. Pour rice into the sock. (Some of the socks I used were toe socks, which is fine!)

3.Twist the sock at the end of where the rice is at.

4. Pull the open side of the sock over the twist, so that the inside is out, wrapping the forming rice bag.

5. Twist again and repeat the process, so that the sock is right side out.

6. Repeat twisting and pulling the sock over until the bean bag is sufficiently covered.

7. Make sure the sizes and weights of the bean bags are consistent. There you have it, your beanbags are ready!

Although I used rice, other types of beans would definitely work for the bean bags. I know that this arts and crafts idea will come in handy for next time, for Halloween carnival events in the future and whatnot. It was even a win-win situation for me, because now I have lots of socks to keep me warm this coming winter, and more rice to cook! Nothing is left to waste! I’m always amazed how two minds work better than one, and this idea is no exception. Whenever you have a task, don’t be afraid to run it by someone, you’ll never know what useful suggestions people have to share!


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