Would You Really Do This (Pt. 2)

Egg and Onion

I’m always on the lookout for life hacks that I want to try out for myself. I guess you can say I have some trust issues when it comes to things that I’ve found online, and that comes from previous experiences. If you want to know what I’m talking about, click here. There were no written instructions that came with this image, so all I had to go off of was the pictures. I’m assuming that this life hack is about cooking a perfectly round sunny-side up egg using an onion ring. Of course, I made sure that the egg I used wasn’t spoiled. Just in case you ever need to see if your eggs are spoiled, click here and see this nifty life hack! This morning, I decided to try out this egg+ onion life hack for myself. As always, I got some interesting results!

Onion Egg

So this is how my egg ended up looking. I guess I should have cut the onion ring a bit thicker. I would suggest using a bigger sized onion, especially when using large eggs, to prevent egg spillage. Onions and eggs come in many shapes and sizes, so it’s important to determine appropriately. I think that the egg white spilled out not only because my egg was too big for the onion ring, but because my onion ring was not cut as evenly. But all in all, my results weren’t too bad, I can’t complain. I got out of bed one morning and decided to cook an egg for breakfast, nothing too crazy.

Overall, I still think that this life hack is pretty useful. The onion ring kept the egg in place, even the extra egg white spillage. This allowed for easy flipping, so I got a yummy egg over-easy. I didn’t season my egg, but the simple addition of the onion allows for some flavor freedom. If you’re curious on different ways to cook an egg, check out this article!

This trick is definitely simple and easy. It wasn’t so bad, for my first try. I’ll definitely try to remember this trick and use it more often. Hopefully I can cook it correctly next time!

Happy eating!

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