Would You Really Do This (Pt.3)- Arts & Crafts


What is this picture!?

a. absurd items I bought on Ebay

b. household items made out of recycled containers

c. some thing my roommate designed

d. new wireless technology

Today, I tested another life hack that I found online. This one involved taking an object and turning it into something else. Not only did I want to see if this life hack was actually possible to produce, but I also wanted to test whether it was useful or not. For all you eco-friendly readers out there, you should definitely check this out!

So if you guessed B, you were correct!


I got the idea from this image. It seemed simple enough. All I needed were a couple of plastic drink containers. Lucky for me, my roommates had finished their milk, and iced tea, so I could give this life hack a try.

Plastic Bottles

I used a gallon sized iced tea container and a half gallon sized milk container, both made of plastic. I cut the iced tea container and made it into a dust pan, and the milk container was made into a shovel/serving spoon.


The dust pan worked pretty well. The container was ribbed and curved, so I had to cut it in such a way that dirt could easily be swept into the dust pan. One of the downsides was that the dust brush was much wider than this dust pan. But other than that, the deep shape is also helpful for holding a lot of dirt.


I’m still not sure what I can use out of what I made from the milk container, but it looks like it works as a shovel or a serving spoon. Today, I used the apparatus to hold ingredients and to pour for cooking. For now, this apparatus will stay in the drawer with other cooking utensils.

As fun as it was to cut up plastic containers and use them as a dust pan and a serving spoon, I still had to ask myself: Is this really necessary? Will having a homemade dust pan and serving spoon be beneficial? Maybe. If there are no other options, then those things could really come in handy. I think that using the real store-bought items work best because they are specifically designed for their purpose. Knowing how to re-use items is definitely useful if you want to save money. I mean, it will definitely be interesting to explain that I can use an iced tea container as a dust pan, but I think I will just stick to using my regular dust pan.

Cracker Tin Dust Pan

In the Philippines, people use tin containers as dust pans, and they work really well. This image isn’t mine, but you can click here to see the original image. In many parts of the world, people recycle much more, so a dustpan out of a juice container is nothing. Re-using items can still be useful, so don’t write off throwing things away so easily. Whether it’s trash turned into treasure, or whatever life brings your way, I encourage you to make the most of it!

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