Lex’s Life Hacks So Far…

Honestly, I am amazed that I have been able to make it this far with my life hacks. It has definitely been a fun journey, and I’ve loved being able to try lots of tips and tricks that I otherwise would not have done if it weren’t for this blog. Above, I have a video of pictures of life hacks that I’ve found. Some of them should look familiar!

Just in case you want to see all of the life hacks I’ve talked about so far, here’s a compilation list of every blog entry that I’ve done.

Nail Polish Hacks

  • Using Vaseline
  • How to remove glitter nail polish
  • Nail polish as paint

Dust pan & shovel out of beverage containers

Cell Phone Hacks

  • Cup as speaker
  • Sunglasses as cell-phone stand
  • Cell phone case to hold cash

Using an onion to cook eggs

The wonders of Olive Oil

  • Shaving legs with Olive Oil

Make the most of your Thanksgiving turkey

Sock Rice Bean Bags

The Egg-cellent Egg

Banana Pancakes from a Ketchup Bottle

Beauty Hacks

  • Napkins/toilet seat covers as oil blotting sheets
  • Conditioner or lotion for shaving legs
  • Curl eyelashes with hot water or blow dryer
  • Business card= secret weapon

Road Trip Hacks

Many Uses of Kool-Aid

– Random Objects

  • Potato chip bag stylus
  • Bookend tupperware organizer
  • Door as bottle opener
  • Floppy disc pencil case
  • Bread clip to save broken flip flop

– Alexa’s Infamous Folded Plastic Bag

– Cooking Hacks

  • Using another pot to heat a panini
  • Wooden spoon over a pot to prevent bubble from boiling over
  • Peeling garlic with two bowls trick

Stay tuned for even more Life Hacks tips and tricks!


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