About Alexa

Hi! My name is Alexa. I am a 20-year old Advertising student at San Jose State University.

How did I get into life hacks, you may ask?

I’ve picked up lots of quirks and habits from family and friends that I never even realized were “life hacks,” and I’ve brought them with me to college! Being in college is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. This is the first time I’m living on my own, and I have been learning a lot. Students are always looking for ways to save time and money, and I want to live life in the most efficient way possible. I love finding out about tips and tricks that people have picked up, especially when they are practical and accesible to any college student. But most importantly, I think that life hacks are for anybody. Who knows, maybe you have your own “life hacking” skills that you didn’t even know about!

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