Lex’s Life Hacks So Far…

Honestly, I am amazed that I have been able to make it this far with my life hacks. It has definitely been a fun journey, and I’ve loved being able to try lots of tips and tricks that I otherwise would not have done if it weren’t for this blog. Above, I have a video of pictures of life hacks that I’ve found. Some of them should look familiar!

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Nail Polish Hacks


Last week, I talked about doing little things that can relieve stress. I failed to mention doing one thing that’s probably my favorite: doing my nails. There’s a big box that’s filled with nail polishes and other manicure/pedicure supplies that my roommates and I all share in our apartment. At one point in the semester, my roommates and I would do our nails at least every week, and we’d all come up with different designs and color combinations. There’s definitely some therapy that comes from focusing in on doing something meticulous. Maybe guys feel the same way when they’re shaving, or when they’re trying to fix something. Doing something to get your mind off things, but still having a tangible result is definitely a good stress reliever.

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Would You Really Do This (Pt.3)- Arts & Crafts


What is this picture!?

a. absurd items I bought on Ebay

b. household items made out of recycled containers

c. some thing my roommate designed

d. new wireless technology

Today, I tested another life hack that I found online. This one involved taking an object and turning it into something else. Not only did I want to see if this life hack was actually possible to produce, but I also wanted to test whether it was useful or not. For all you eco-friendly readers out there, you should definitely check this out!

So if you guessed B, you were correct!

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Bean Bags out of Rice and Socks

A club I’m part of had to make a game for a Halloween party. We decided to do a bean bag toss. I was put in charge of making the bean bags, and I decided that I would make them myself. Being the great college student that I am, I waited until the very last minute to take care of this task. As I went to the grocery store to think of what to use to make bean bags, the first thing I saw was a bag of rice. At first I was going to use beans, but I figured that rice was more practical for me, because I could reuse it for cooking. Then I saw some long socks. It was then that I knew what I would make my bean bags out of: rice and socks! I proceeded to make the socks, but it was my roommate’s suggestion that really helped me to make awesome bean bags. Continue reading

What Do These Objects Have in Common?

No, I am not going to make a door out of floppy discs, a bookend out of bread, or share a new recipe for a potato chip sandwich… (But if anyone finds a way to make any of those happen, I’d love to see pictures of that!) But these random objects are actually the source of useful life hacks!

Guess which object is a stylus, tupperware organizer, bottle opener, pencil case, and saves a broken flip-flop! Continue reading