Lex’s Life Hacks So Far…

Honestly, I am amazed that I have been able to make it this far with my life hacks. It has definitely been a fun journey, and I’ve loved being able to try lots of tips and tricks that I otherwise would not have done if it weren’t for this blog. Above, I have a video of pictures of life hacks that I’ve found. Some of them should look familiar!

Just in case you want to see all of the life hacks I’ve talked about so far, here’s a compilation list of every blog entry that I’ve done. Continue reading

What Do These Objects Have in Common?

No, I am not going to make a door out of floppy discs, a bookend out of bread, or share a new recipe for a potato chip sandwich… (But if anyone finds a way to make any of those happen, I’d love to see pictures of that!) But these random objects are actually the source of useful life hacks!

Guess which object is a stylus, tupperware organizer, bottle opener, pencil case, and saves a broken flip-flop! Continue reading