Road Trip Weekend

This weekend I was able to get away for a few days at a women’s retreat, spending time with my mom and other lovely ladies. There were women of all ages, and I especially got to bond with a group of younger girls. I drove a full van all the way to Chico, California. Even though I had a lot to do, the retreat was definitely refreshing to have a break from the daily grind of school and life, which was something that I really needed. If there’s anything that I’ve learned, it’s that taking time to rest is a great stress reliever! Continue reading


so i just got back from the NorCalNevada Youth Convention in Sac.

it definatedly wasn’t like other youth conventions.but that doesn’t mean i didn’t get anything out of it.
i sure did. it was pretty nice, very teenager-oriented, from the music to the messages.

the speakers talked about STANDING:

what really challenged me was the fact that i don’t really know what God’s calling me to do yet.
i could be a pastor, or a missionary.but i have my own notions of my future, college, married life, etc.
but it’s important to pray for Christian teens, that God could reveal to all of us what He wants us to do, and especially that we would just answer His call, and just do it!

but of course, it was very BattleCryish, talking about you know, going against what society says about us teens.

you know, the thing is, there are so many issues in the world. and all of them are things i could dive into and contribute to. i guess i don’t really need to pick just one, but it’s good to have a focus, no?

also (SPSV kids: a complaint free world!), complaints are the beginnings of visions and issues getting taken care of. imean, someone complained that AIDS was taking too many lives, and someone decided to do something about it, you know? i guess it’s different from the bracelet complaining because it’s about petty things.
but of course, small complaints make for small visions and goals.

but complaining about the small things isn’t really that necessary anyways.

of course, the music was loud, there was rockish and hip-hopish music. there were lots of lights, and lots of enthusiastic teens. it wasn’t as spiritually deep as Redding, well, nothing can compare to my experience at Redding.. anyways. but it was fun just to be with my friends for a night and 2 days and play Boom Chicka Boom Boom in front of the building. it was fun to go up to the front and just go CRAZY (here we go, here we go!) with my friends.

a smaller group of people had pros as well as cons. but it wasn’t too crazy to handle like, 8 teens. and downtown Sac is lovely. that’s another city i can consider in my future too.