enough youtube videos

i still always want to do a serious blog that i put a lot of thought into.
maybe i’ll get to that eventually…
just not now.

i missed the last 10 minutes of Gossip Girl. because my dad said it was time to pray,
man this sounds like the start of a complaining blog.
but it didn’t seem fair to me because we always wait for him when he’s watching something and we’re getting ready to pray.
man, complainings.

but i don’t want to be judgemental about people.
if that’s one thing that really sticks out that i hate about myself, it’s that i can feel myself being judgemental.
and i just gotta not be so self-conscious.
sometimes i feel like i’m talking about myself too much, when by thinking that i end up doing that.
and what’s with all these people being super involved and doing lots of things?
i’m so scared to get into a lot of things, but obligations require me to do so.
and people out there who do it are SUCH BEASTS.

i still miss my family.
even though i see them everyday.

i’ll continue this some other time..

the voice of gossip girl

survived PSATS
more homework to do.
but i wanna do something completedly mindless.