Many Uses of Kool-Aid

What if I told you that Kool-Aid is more than just a refreshing, thirst-quenching beverage?

To be honest, I don’t drink Kool-Aid very often. I’m more of a Tang fan myself, but who can’t resist a boost of flavor for only 10 cents? There are so many different flavors, (and colors) to choose from! I’m sure everybody has tried Kool-Aid at least once in their lives, and lots of people have some packets of Kool-Aid somewhere in their kitchen cupboards. I found these packets in my apartment hiding on top of my refrigerator. Continue reading

Kool-Aid Toilet Cleaner

My apartment is home to 3 female college students in addition to myself. My roommates and I are often busy, so it’s not often that everybody is at the apartment all at once. I always love it when all my roommates are together, we have a lot of fun even if we just end up talking for hours. Despite all of us being busy, my roommates and somehow manage to keep our apartment in order when it comes to keeping things clean. But what ends up happening is that our apartment gets neglected of some major cleaning. Continue reading