Road Trip Weekend

This weekend I was able to get away for a few days at a women’s retreat, spending time with my mom and other lovely ladies. There were women of all ages, and I especially got to bond with a group of younger girls. I drove a full van all the way to Chico, California. Even though I had a lot to do, the retreat was definitely refreshing to have a break from the daily grind of school and life, which was something that I really needed. If there’s anything that I’ve learned, it’s that taking time to rest is a great stress reliever! Continue reading

going to God wit gips is fun

so i came back from the Christos Retreat yesterday.

that was an experience i needed. just time to get away with people who are gonna take it seriously and were willing to take it to the next level by going on it. there were soo many things i learned, like it’s all swimming around in my head!

but it made me feel more comfortable being in my own skin. i guess i was being a bit hard on myself. but i’m not that bad of a person! i got to know people that i didn’t talk to at school, and i’m so blessed to have had all those awesome, insightful, people in my small group and at the retreat.

it’s nice to know i can get close to God through school, not just at church.

i think i’m gonna be more open to Catholicism, there’s things from it i could definatedly learn.