Cell Phone Hacks


I have an HTC Status. It’s known for having the Facebook button. Yes, I am team Android, but I do show love to those who are Apple fans (I am the proud owner of a MacBook Pro).

Smart phones can do almost anything these days. They’re basically mini-computers in the palm of your hand. Today I’m going to give you tips on how to make good use of your phone, without having to buy any extra devices. Whether you’re team Android or team iPhone, these tips are for you!

I got some of my ideas from this HTC Blog post, click here to check it out!

Use a glass cup as a speaker.

This is a quick and easy way to give a boost to the music you’re listening to off of your phone. Take a glass cup that your phone can fit into, and press “play.” The glass creates a small chamber to make the sound more concentrated, magnifying the sound. I keep a cup on my desk so that I can play music while getting ready, without having to whip out bulky speakers.

Use sunglasses as a cell-phone stand.

This is another life hack takes advantage of easily accessible objects. Turn sunglasses upside-down, unfold the sides, which are called temples, and lean your phone against the rims. (Click here for a detailed diagram of the different parts of  a pair of sunglasses!) This is a helpful trick that allows you to hold your phone with one hand.

Use your cell phone case to hold emergency cash.

I have seen cell phone cases that also double as wallets, or have compartments for storage. I have a plastic, jelly-type case for my cell phone which covers the back of my phone. Even if you don’t have a wallet as a cell phone case, you can still use your cell phone case to store a few extra bills. If you ever lose your wallet, you can still have an extra supply of emergency cash in your cell phone. You can also store notes or small papers in your cell phone case, just make sure not to store too much, or it might get a little too bulky!

Use your cell phone for alarms/reminders.

I’m sure that many people are aware of the alarm clock and calendar features on their cell phone. My phone is my alarm clock, as well as my personal calendar. I set reminders for my classes, so I remember when and where they are. This is especially helpful at the beginning of the school year or a new semester, when I’m still getting used to my schedule. My phone even features the setting of having certain reminders repeat.

Use your cell phone for notes.

I may not always have access to a paper and pen, but I almost always have my phone on me. Some phones have an app for taking notes, but even if you don’t have that, you can still use text messaging to save notes. Write a note as a text message and save it as a draft, or even send it to yourself, so that it saves as an unread text message, which also works as a useful reminder!

Now that you’ve learned these helpful trips, I encourage you to take some time to put down the phone and go outside! Give your eyes a rest and get some fresh air!

Happy hacking!

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